This game has disturbing scenes.

For maximal immersion, use headphones.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5


Download 3 MB


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Neat stuff!

Please set the text on this page to something readable, and list whether the game has jumpsacres. If you actually want people to play your game, we need a little context for what to expect.

(I am, in fact, partway through, but the game is a lot less fun because I don't know whether it's all going to turn out to be an excuse to pull a cheap trick on me.)

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't realize how dark the text was on the page.

Sorry for the lack of context. I don't want to spoil the game, but it definitely isn't like a Scary Maze type of game that lies about what it is.

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Wow such good pixel art with a bit too much film grain on top. It was the one of the few horror games that I enjoyed and played to the end. Creppy and intressting. 

Add maybe some screenshots to this site and some text ;)

I don't get it