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My theory for this is that the chemicals from the beaker, at the beginning,  caused the MC to hallucinate that Catherine is the thing they were making, and he shot her dead instead of the monster they created. (This has like no proof, so take this with a grain of salt)

I loved this! very well put together, and didn't have many bugs. I think where most people were having trouble is they turned the flashlight on in the elevator so I advise anyone reading to not do so. over all, it was so cool and interesting! keep up the good work!!

The flashlight glitch this really bad... it would fine if there was a save system

Really good! a lot of glitches though :/

love it!!

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i left the lab with the flashlight and its just dark? when i press f its making the click sound, but no light is coming on :( im gonna try and reload the page 

edit: okay i think it was just a glitch :) but yeah, if this happens to anyone else, i guess just reload it! 

Kinda like the steam game Carrion ther is also a monster that escapes but there, you control the monster to kill the armed people and the escape

This was an interesting game I enjoyed it :)

I managed to find the shotgun, now I have so many questions.


were these games done solo? they're all so put together! graphics, sound design, pacing all of it, cant wait to see what else you put out man


I really like your work Hby.

Short and terrifying. 

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what if he was really just going insane and at the end he really killed 

catherine  and the rest was what his mind made it up to be and for like a side 

story or whatever for the whole insane thing the side story would show him 

being put in prison and his mind acts up again and when they get free time in 

the yard he finds a gun under a pot or whatever then just a huge blood shed 

in the court yard and he thinks hes killing monsters but in reality its 

prisoners and guards then he explores the prison to find a way out but turns  out

 hes actually in a coma 

and closer to the end of the game


is now diagnosed with schizophrenia 

and then he finally decides he cant take it 

and then he  would end himself

 (at this point hes out of the coma ) 

now that whole text i just typed would be a great  sequel to this but thats just my thought thanks for reading ^-^

what the heck


this is scary


i deactivated the flashlight and turned it back on, and i was frozen   :(


Activating and deactivating the flashlight in the elevator freezes you


I activated and deactivated and I froze


Great atmosphere.


Some C&C if you don't mind...

  1. A textbox at middle lower of screen would be better and looks more polished.
  2. Seeing that it's a short game, perhaps the elevator ride could be faster?
  3. Lots of jaggies in the art... is it deliberate?

BTW, what engine did you use?


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

The engine was made from scratch in C++ and OpenGL.




also much confused and much scared.


VERY SCARY!!  I love it!                great work!


Are there multiple endings (inside the data's "images" folder I've noticed several sprites for a monster that I haven't seen in the game, the one with the "ears" and blue eyes)?


There is just one ending. What you saw was a sketch that I used as a reference to draw the frames. :)

yessssssss love it!!!


i love these kinds of quiet games with simple graphics - you know exactly how to build tension! love

Not bad. :)


this was fun it'd be cool if it had multiple endings too

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 25:41 (The 2nd Game)


This kind of reminds me of lone survivor...

Incredibly amazing art style. Would love to see the source code of this one too!


I'm confused about the ending...Did you shoot Catherine thinking it was the test subject, or was the bloody body at the end the test subject? I don't know the bloody body at the end kinda looked like Catherine so it confused me a bit.


Glitched. You enter Lab X, everything goes dark with statics and nothing happens. Pressing F seems to turn off the statics, but then they gradually resume.

Brilliant little game. Nicely implemented with a lovely graphical style and ambience. I liked that how the story developed between the characters and that there were a couple of nice simple problems to solve along the way. It would be great to see the concept developed further with greater character development and a longer story. Thumbs up from me!


I love the art style, kinda want this to have multiple endings.

Potential spoilers but I'm not sure if I reached the ending or if somthing glitched. (Entered the door in Lab X)

I wonder why the test subject didn't kill the MC right away like what it did to everyone else or did I miss something? Of course, if that happened then we wouldn't be playing this game haha. 

was fun

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Great ending! Do you have a patreon or somewhere I can donate?






this game was great! creepy AND loved it! nice touch on the shotgun. keep up the good work!

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