This is a short horror-adventure game about being stuck on a train. Loosely based on a story of the same name I read on the internet. This game was submitted to MiniJam 47. The whole thing was written in C.

Didn't totally manage to finish it, but it was a great learning experience.

There's an ending now. Thanks for playing.

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Arrow Keys to Move

X to interact

Change Log

version 1.0 - 2020/02/09   -  Initial release for game jam

version 1.1 - 2020/02/16  -  Added an ending

version 1.2 - 2020/02/17  -  Tweaked timing

Install instructions

Play right in the browser! Or download the Windows version and play on your PC.


Download 271 kB
Download 5 MB


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this is a really cool game :D thank u i loved playing it :3 !!

a very short and sweet experience (⌒▽⌒)☆ i enjoyed it very much (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Nice game

Great, but wasd?


Great :)

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Oh, and I'm following you. BE PREPARED. I AM COMING TONIGHT IN YOUR SLEEP. I AM ARMED AND THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT ME- No wait- It's probably not a good idea to tell you how to destroy me. I'd be dropping a weapon into your hand! On the field of battle, aiding the enemy! Helping my- Aw, I ruined my own creepy-ish voiceover! Shit. *(CUPS HANDS OVER MOUTH NERVOUSLY)* (I am totally not 10 years old and already saying things like shit and fuck and bick and crap like that) *(LOOKS AROUND DERPISH/NERVOUS/STUPIDLY)*

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Welp, been there, done that.


Thank you for making this game! Now I have a memory that I can cherish like a charm in my pocket. The memory will be like a video full of color and feelings and life. Only when you see a bird on the ground, fallen from a wire that served only as a murderous reason of existence, will you realize just how precious the miracle of life is. Mankind will have many troubles like food, shelter, family. But the greatest obstacle that could ever be, and ever be overcome, is love. 



This was an experience I will never forget!

how do you spin

move left and right repeatedly


Move to arrows <-- and --> without walk.

i loved ittttttttttttttttt

thanku for making this!! i really enjoyed it :) it was super good!


i enjoyed the game but there wasn't really a explanation of the spider kid


This was a great little game!

I really enjoyed this :)

you should add a alternate ending where in the end after spinning 7 times you spin 7 more times and go back ya know it would be very appreciated

good game! this was worth my time playing!


Very cool game, I really liked the pixel art and the atmosphere.


This is the best game i've ever played and I can't stop thinking...

Where did the woman go!!


Noce ending


I really enjoyed this game espically the dark sequence when you see something move. Really well done i adore pixel games its charming. I wish it was longer to but when you have a really good game it is to be expected.


10/10, i wish it was a little bit longer :c


The best short horror game I've played


great short game love this game,if it has more depth on it story this might become a masterpiece btw love it 10/5


fun short game to play :)


I feel like I'm playing Uncanny Valley. This is amazing.

my aracnidfobia was killing me



this was nice


That was amazing i got kinda scared there.


Really loved the game, gave me a twilight zone feel! Would love to see something like this in a full length game! keep at it!

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i recently played this game for my youtube and i absolutely loved the shit out off this game and i am exited for future projects and playing them!


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This game is such an interesting short game. I love how as you play that the characters drop subtle hints about what's going on. Of course, things are left open ended. These are the type of endings I like bc it leaves things open to interpretation.  I honestly recommend this game if you're a fan of pixel art side-scrolling games.  

Here's my playthrough of the game if you're interested! I play the game at the start of the video:

If you like what I saw, here's a link to my YouTube channel to watch more from me :

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