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I really enjoyed this! It was creepy, and fun!

Great game, the music at the final part gave me chills. 


Alright not gonna lie, it gave me the creeps, loved the idea of the game, check out my reaction to it here

This game left me with a lot of questions. Did she jump? Was I already dead? What was happeneing? 

Spooky, liked the build up after helping the lady.

Amazing! I loved that the character has the lighter with him at the very end!

This was a very interesting, though short experience. Wish there was more as I felt like the story could've been expanded on, or perhaps I just want more to fill my urge to play it. 10/10

Thank you, this was really fun! Even gave me the creeps for a second. ^^ 

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Saw this at Alpha Beta Gamer in YT thank you for the game, was a neat experience. 

I'm usually not one for much horror but I really liked this


i wanna more this game o_o


can i have more of this game?
the atmosphere in this game is enough to get me spooked! i like how you can interact to others. and i liked the flow of the story as well. the climax was a bit unexpected but overall great short game!

very good, I would like to see more games like this..

I love grungy train art, but then I got hooked! What a little experience I just went through

Very cool game ! very nice graphics.

That was actually really cool! +1 follower!


Nice Game Actually 

Sorry My Budget is Null You Deserve Some Boxes For Your Efforts

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Nice graphic and very well served story. Good job!

Much better now that there's an ending, good job man! :) Very atmospheric

is this a jojo reference

Nice game, check my gameplay in spanish 

Nice work!

I really liked the concept and the scary part (no spoilers), which was different from most other games but still very cool. I adore pixel-style games and you did such a great job! 

great pixel art and nicely done but controls were laggy or maybe just cuz i am using on-screen keyboard but please check and ending is confusing. Overall, has potential but needs some control fixing, ending explanation and some tweakings.

For how short and unfinished it was we loved the atmosphere!.

Thanks :D

Neat. I even had to scroll down during one bit (phobia I won't say because spoilers). I'd totally play a longer version, if other baddies were involved :) 

Awesome! Very good execution.

very neat and has a nice vibe to it.

Wonderful game! I was genuinely scared. Loved the graphics, the overall atmosphere and the minuscule but immersive plot. I would love to play a full-length game out of this!

A fairly well made game, despite being quite short it manages to immerse the player in the plot.

very nice game. short and exciting..


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I really enjoyed the style and how clean Last Train Home looked. Minor spooks, so even if you don't enjoy that type of thing, you'll enjoy this one. If you've got 10 minutes, I really recommend you playing this one for yourself. I'll leave my gameplay for those that rather watch. Game starts at 4:26 (timestamps in the description, it's the second game)

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

That was really nice bro

Amazing game!!!

I would love to make music for any of your projects, if you have any in mind! Here's my work:

that was amazing

Like IT!!


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