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Very fun and exciting!

I was horrified by that thing at the end. Great game and scary, good job!

Me gusto mucho.

Great game! I would love to play more of it. The character designs, the scripting and that one ending was perfectly made! Good job on it! :)

That ending got me! Awesome game, had a blast playing it.

good one it was scary and so nice to play

Nice Game!


It is always the innocent ones.


Good game I really like the atmosphere and the intense part the music was good very good I was vibing when I heard the music the pixel art style is good very good due the fact that horror games has pixels for art soo good the game is overall very good soo I give it like a 7/10 because it's good


Very atmospheric. Felt a bit scared at the intense part. Great music and art. Btw, didn't know it was possible for an HTML5/web game to be programmed in C!


Gameplay en español

fue re lindooo,amo la tematica y es bastante simple,tendria mucho potencial si fuera mas largo pero de todas formas es increible


Short but amazing. Loved the ending of the game.

Really cool game! I wish there was more to it though!


Interesting concept would've loved to play more of this.

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really fun! but it was a bit confusing on the spin part

Nice game ! I enjoyed it a lot :)

Well that was a nice surprise! Enjoyed it very much. If you have longer version, pleeeez let me know :)

Really cool short indie horror game! I love the style and wish it were a bit longer. Tons of potential here! 8.5/10 Game @ 30:35 in video.

Cute game. Really short too^

Great horror game! I had to reupload mine after my channel got hacked for, so here it is again. 

Way too quick of a game but still its really good

fun little game :)


Fantastic little game. Great atmosphere. I wonder how many people did not get the spin part and got stucked, lol. Anyways, well done, keep making games! 

Great game! Great concept & Art! Keep up with that!

I absolutely loved this. Got me creeped out with fewer pixels and that's impressive.

 It's the first game in the vid.


Really fun game! I liked the story, and it had really good tension!

my laptop doesnt let me download so how do i fullscreen the browser

Nice game no jumpscares or anything.

ı finished it way to fast

nice game

Loved your game. Got me at the end and in editing i realised how creepy the shadow of the girl was. Good job devs, keep making more.

Had a really fun time! Loved the bit at the end

Very interesting game, now I'm intrigued to know what the train really was..

Interesting game with a good atmosphere! I like that things are kind of left to your own interpretation. I would not have guessed the ending. Thanks for making a great game! I had fun playing.

such a simple and great game! keep it up :)

Very good game 10/10

I loved this game. It was a quick and eerie game with a nice twist if you can catch it!



Can you beat it? After the bit about the lady telling you to spin 7 times, I can't seem to beat it, because the doors get locked... is there any way to continue past that?

But... very very good game :)

You gotta spin 7 times (Like, move your character back and fourth)


Yeah, I figured that out a few minutes after I posted it...

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